The Exosome Platform

Regenerative Healing Technology

Direct Biologics’ ExoFlo is an allograft exosome product that carries a myriad of proteins and signals that are anti-inflammatory.

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Functional Benefits

The unique benefit to these exosomes is that they are stem cell-derived and bring a wide array of growth factors to stimulate and modulate many processes within the healing cascade.

Exosomes are not cells but are micro-vesicles, which are about 1/1,000th the size of a cell and contain no nucleus or DNA.

They can be regarded as the purest form of cellular therapy available, because their function is to direct tissue and wound healing by activating the patient’s own regenerative cell response.

These extracellular vesicles carry mRNA, miRNA a myriad of cytokines or proteins that help modulate the inflammatory process of the local tissue.

Clinical Benefits

The exosome platform has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation dramatically and regenerate and grow tissues. These exosomes carry mRNA and a myriad of cytokines or proteins that help modulate the inflammatory process of the local tissue.

The 1000+ growth factor proteins found to naturally occur in healthy tissue and in ExoFlo have shown to help modulate the inflammatory healing process.

  • Aesthetic Applications
  • Chronic Non-Healing Wounds
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries

Personal Benefits

As part of an anti-aging and longevity protocol, exosome therapy has been reported to improve cognition and mental clarity, reduce inflammation increase athletic performance, enhance sexual health, grow hair, and more.

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