Rolfing can help improve mobility, flexibility, agility, adaptability, stability, balance, tone, and coordination

Structural, fascial, movement re-patterning, internal health, and mindset improvement through hands-on and educational bodies of work.

Functional Benefits

How it works

The human body is a complex interconnected expression of multiple systems that cannot meaningfully be separated from one another. For example, movement creates ease or dysfunction, posture affects musculature, tense muscles or circulation can lead to headaches, fascia affects organ health, organ which impacts inflammation, and digestion impacts all of these things simultaneously. To optimize athletic or regular daily activities, recover from injuries, find relief from pain, and be sustainably well over time, it’s important to view the body from multiple angles. Rosalynde combines expertise from many modalities in order to determine where to go next on your road to a new level of wellbeing, vitality, and athletic performance.

Clinical Benefits

What you can expect

· Rolfing is a process that usually involves ten targeted bodywork sessions. These sessions approach the person from the outside inward to address binding patterns in muscular and fascial tissues layer by layer, affecting the client’s abilities to work and play efficiently with more ease and vitality. It can also be applied to targeted areas of concern.

· Access Bars is a process that helps move mental, emotional and physical energy, by stimulating changes in brain patterns through physical touch. Clients report improved mood, clearer thinking, greater productivity and overall improved mindsets and sense of well-being.

· Each of these approaches provides a tailored experience to meet your specific needs

Personal Benefits

Rolfing, Movement, and Access Bars and You

Services are typically used for…

  • Recovery from injury or dysfunctional patterns
  • Alleviation of pain

  • Optimization of athletic performance

  • Improvement in the ease, comfort and strength for daily activities

  • Greater mental and emotional well-being

  • Increased physical energy and motivation

  • Greater overall tone, vibrance, and freedom from excess weight

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