Frequently Asked Questions

Deuterium (D) is a heavy and stable (non-radioactive) isotope of hydrogen. Deuterium has a neutron in its nucleus which makes it denser than regular hydrogen by mass (weight and size). Deuterium is a naturally occurring element and can be found in food, water, and air, at a ratio of about 155ppm (parts per million).

Cellular energy production happens in the mitochondria – known as the powerhouses of the cell. Our bodies contain trillions of mitochondria with a high concentration in the brain, heart, muscles, liver and kidneys. Within the mitochondria, energy is produced by the activity of spinning heads called nanomotors.  The fuel for these (nanomotors) is hydrogen.

When mitochondria use deuterium instead of hydrogen as fuel, the activity of the nanomotors is critically reduced, ultimately lowering both- energy production and redox potential. A lowering of your redox potential means a huge increase in your risks for chronic diseases.

Normally, the main factors affecting your body’s ability to deplete deuterium are – age, excessive weight, illness and lack of quality sleep. Based on researches and data analysis it is recommended not to exceed 130ppm.

It’s important to establish your baseline deuterium level to understand what your level is before you get started. Source Energetix offers a proprietary easy-to-use Saliva Deuterium Test Kit, a powerful marker that measures the deuterium level in your body. Saliva collection is evaluated by a highprecision CLIA licensed testing lab that will reveal the level of deuterium in your body in an unprecedented rapid turn-around time of just 5-10 days.

A follow-up test is equally important and the frequency varies from 45-90 days, depending on your health condition, goals, and major health changes. Repeating the test will show you how effectively you depleteddeuterium from your body simply by integrating the Source Energetixdrink into your program, and if an additional nutrition or other lifestyle adjustment is necessary.

Our bodies are 60% water (H2O), therefore drinking deuterium depleted water becomes the most efficient method to lower deuterium

Consuming the “I Love This Drink” every day enhances your ability to function at the highest level with positive effects on your overall body. Benefits that your body may experience are: hydration at the cellular level, increased metabolism, and mitochondrial function support at a cellular level. It will bring your deuterium level to an optimal concentration in your body over time. It improves energy levels and repairs your DNA. It enhances athletic performance and recovery, supports chronic disease prevention, optimizes wellness and anti-aging, and improves mental clarity and cognition.

“I Love This Drink” contains essential amino acids in a highly absorbable form. Amino acids play vital roles, such as the building of proteins and synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. They are involved in tissue growth, energy production, immune function, and nutrient absorption, as well as enhancing athletic performance and recovery. Also included in the formula is arginine, which is a non-essential amino acid needed for disease prevention. It must be supplemented through diet in order to meet your body’s needs, especially when your body can’t meet the demands fighting off certain diseases.

That is totally dependent on your health goals and the protocol your healthcare specialist has prescribed for you. We will be more than happy to talk to you about the specifics of your depletion therapy once we evaluate your health history and goals. We found through research over the years that a 90-day protocol is advised to get meaningful results.

There has never been a recorded adverse reaction attributed to drinking deuterium depleted water for any of the thousands of people who have used it.

For optimal mitochondrial functioning, you would want to focus on eating low-deuterium foods. Our approach is to introduce alow-carb high-fat diet to your everyday food choices. It is an easy and safe way to deplete deuterium. The reason ‘fat burning’ depletes deuterium is because for every kilogram of fat you burn, your body creates 1.1 liters of metabolic water (using hydrogen from the fat, plus oxygen). During beta-oxidation (fat burning), metabolic water is created inside your cells and is naturally deuterium depleted. Ideally, in order to maintain optimal mitochondrial functioning, you would strive to reach a deuterium-depleted lifestyle. Gradually, introduce a low-carb high-fat diet and consult with our representatives for other lifestyle recommendations that may help you attain greater results.

The concentration of deuterium in foods varies quite significantly. Foods containing sugar and carbs are generally very rich in deuterium, while green plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, fish, eggs, kefir, cheese, grass-fed animal meats, etc…, are deuterium depleted because of their low sugar and high-fat content.

Of course! The most important benefit would be to bring your health to an optimal level! “I Love This Drink” hydrates you at a cellular level, increases metabolism, supports mitochondrial function, improves athletic performance, increases energy levels, optimizes wellness and anti-aging, and improves mental clarity.